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Being accused of a crime is a very frightening and intimidating period in any person’s life. Once accused of a crime a person is known as the Defendant. The Defendant is being prosecuted by the State of California. The State of California is represented by a criminal prosecutor who must establish that a Defendant is guilty of the crime(s) charged, beyond a reasonable doubt. A Defendant is entitled to certain rights provided by our Constitution. One of these very important rights is that a Defendant is entitled to present their defense to the crimes alleged and may do that through the use of an attorney. A Defendant has several defenses available such as did not commit the crime alleged, self-defense or some type of justification. If a Defendant is guilty of a crime, good negotiation and mitigation can result in a very favorable outcome if presented effectively. If a Defendant has not committed a crime, a Defendant will have the opportunity to obtain discovery and vigorously attack the Prosecutor’s case. A Prosecutor must believe that if they take any case to trial, they have a good chance of obtaining a successful jury verdict against that Defendant. With an experienced and tenacious defense attorney, you can work together in poking holes in the Prosecutor’s case or mitigating the circumstances to shed a different light on the facts alleged in the Complaint against you to obtain a favorable outcome. Sabrina C. Fernandez has been vigorously and aggressively representing those alleged of criminal acts for more than 16 years and is here to do the same for you.  Contact us today for a free telephonic consultation. 

Client Reviews
Sabrina Fernandez represented me in a divorce where my soon to be x was requesting high spousal support, money for HIS bills and to have me removed from my own home. To make a long story short, Sabrina made a fool of him and his lawyer and we walked out victorious and he walked out with a lousy 3k that he spent 10k getting. I was only ordered to pay his temp support at 600.00 per month for only 5 months. Had I not used Sabrina I am confident I would be paying 1500.00 per month to that deadbeat for the rest of my life. She was awesome to watch! K Carreon
Sabrina was recommended to me by a family friend as I needed a specialist in family law. She was always prepared, answered all my questions and responded immediately during the week and even weekends to emergencies that I had and she kept me completely updated. Sabrina helped negotiate a very favorable agreement for me. She is an outstanding attorney and a true professional Bianca M
Sabrina is an awesome lawyer. She had my back through the whole way of 2 court cases. If you want to win your case you need her by your side. Trust me. she is Very reasonable when it comes to price. You also gotta remember she is wroth every penny. Thank you for what you do Mike J
Sabrina is a very knowledgeable, and caring attorney. She is genuine, she knows her cases, and truly cares about the well being of her clients Jeanene B
I found Sabrina online and once I spoke with her I knew that she was being honest. She recently assisted me in a 2-year battle for in a Family Law matter. She is very responsive, honest and diligent. Her and Vickie, her paralegal, make an amazing team. Sabrina took on this case and was able to help me with all my request to the court. I have the highest recommendations to her and can't thank her enough. Thank you so much, Sabrina! Anahi C
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